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Grant Program
Our new grant program files are now available as online forms.

For the online grant application click here.  This link will open in another window
 at the Formsite.com website.
When you submit your application, it will be forwarded to the QBEF and
 you will receive an email copy of your application. 

For the online grant reimbursement form click here.  The link will open in another window
and when you submit the form, it will be forwarded to the QBEF.

QBEF Accomplishments 2013-2014

It's been a productive year for the QBEF!  Thanks to generous support from our families and residents, we have made a number of grants to District 16 for a variety of projects to improve educational opportunities for all our students.  These include:

  • building grants totaling $2000 (in support of PBIS [Positive Behavioral  Interventions & Supports] and purchase of iPads for student and teacher use)
  • funding science literacy programs totaling about $2000 for Pheasant Ridge and Glen Hill schools with the DuPage Children's Museum for entire grade levels and with Argonne Laboratories for Americana and Glenside
  • purchase books for each building's “Book Rooms” for a total of $3000! Each building's "Book Room" contain class sets of books that can be used by all teachers for classroom use.

Your donations, our restaurant fundraisers, and Market Day provide us with the income to be able to spend this $7000 for our students!  Thank you for your continuing support!  Click here for information on how your Amazon purchases can benefit the Foundation (at no cost to you)
Click here for our event schedule.

Queen Bee School Libraries Get eGrant from QBEF (2012-13)

The QBEF funded $3,000 to purchase student research databases
(World Book Online Collection) and eBooks for all four schools!
These databases will provide students at all grade levels with safe, up to date,
online research sources for school work.

Click here to read more about what this grant is funding.

We are pleased to announce our first Teacher Grants for school year 2009-2010.
The Foundation invited District 16 teachers to submit proposals for projects to benefit students.  The proposals were reviewed for
  • Alignment to District or School Goals
  • Originality
  • Number of students impacted
  • Soundness of educational principles
  • Creativity
We are happy to announce the following grants:

Subject Area Project Name Teacher Name(s)
Language Arts-Language Usage Welcome to Glenside Linda Kashyap, Laura Schraeder, Glenside Middle School
Reading and Math Family Fun and Games Sharon Rebac, Glen Hill School, Second Grade
Literacy Themed Book Bags Donna Gabler, Pheasant Ridge School, First Grade
Language Arts-Drama-Technology Cool Catz Cafe Brittany Beck, Sandra Zbylut, Denise Bridgman, Kate Wolicki, Americana Intermediate School

Click here to see examples of the Themed Book Bags
Click here to see learn more about the Welcome to Glenside grant.
Click here to see parents and their second graders playing educational games as a result of the Family Fun & Games grant.

Thanks to all who applied for 2009-2010 grants!
We're all working together to make the educational experience in District 16 better for all students.

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