Painting the playground at Pheasant Ridge School for Kathy Houston's QBEF grant.

The project is based on research that healthy kids make better learners.  At Pheasant Ridge School, outdoor activities can be integrated with curricular goals with the new playground.  For example, running around the activity circle for laps and miles will equal a path across the states, or to the calculator to jump and practice math skills, the ABC mats in English and Spanish for letter recognition and spelling word practice or a huge 100's mat to learn to count by 1's, 5's, 10's, or go and jump and practice your phone number!

Thanks to QBEF, the PTO, and our painters Nathan Mount (Apstin Painting), Jan Mount - mom, Mrs. Snell, Mrs. Schadeck, Mr. Roy, Mr. & Mrs. Gabler, Ms. Grant, Mr. & Mrs. Jensen, Mr. & Mrs. Irrizary, Edward-Sharon Quiles, Mrs. Horne, Mr.Tolentino, Mr. & Mrs. Houston, Alex Houston - a team effort for the children

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